Humboldt's Cabinet Art Prints: Limited Edition by @WestayMoving

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Begin your journey into the heart of Humboldt County, California, with our Limited Edition Humboldt's Cabinet Art Prints. Notably, these prints showcase the work of the well-known graphic artist @WestayMoving, who is famous for his extensive contributions to the cannabis company, Jungleboys.

Keeping exclusivity in mind, we've limited these prints to just 200 pieces,100 in each size, making them a true collector's item. They capture the stunning beauty of Humboldt County and are available in two sizes. Moreover, we print them on high-resolution 14pt card-stock matte paper to ensure the best quality.

If you're a fan of cannabis art, you'll undoubtedly love these prints. They offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of cannabis culture, a collaboration between Humboldt's Cabinet and @Westaymoving. So, why wait? Order now to bring a slice of Humboldt County's charm into your home or office.

Here's a quick rundown of this Limited Edition:

  • Firstly, we have only 200 pieces available, making it a truly unique design.
  • @WeStayMoving created the design.
  • Thirdly, we print the high-quality prints on high-resolution 14pt card-stock matte paper.
  • You can choose from two sizes: 8.5 x 11 and 16x20.
  • Importantly, the prints beautifully capture Humboldt County, California.
  • They make a great addition to any cannabis art collection.
  • Lastly, we store and ship the prints securely in a tube to ensure safe delivery.

Don't hesitate! Secure your limited edition Humboldt's Cabinet Art Print today.

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