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This is all over the news, some call it "vapegate" or the "vaping crisis." We have seen people get sick and even die from low quality tainted vapes. There needs to be more regulations set to this new industry from the top to bottom. From Cannabis Businesses all the way to the Nicotine Industry, we are all effected by one another and we have seen sales decline directly from these news reports. The consumer is right to boycott something that is terrible for their health. They need to be offered something premium without any fillers, cuts, heavy metals, or any impurities. We are here to offer that.

Humboldt’s Cabinet offers high quality hemp CBD products that are sourced from USA Grown Non-GMO Organic Industrial hemp that is Third-Party Lab Tested to ensure safety and quality control. Our CBD business is here to offer you a consistent source for premium vape products that do not contain PG, VG, PEG, MCT, carefully formulated to be the most effective and affordable solution for your CBD needs.


Here at Humboldt’s Cabinet we do thorough research and development to create high quality hemp CBD products. The vape cartridges and vape pods we have are made with the finest materials available in the industry. The hardware used is just as important as the actual oil used in the vape. Cheap hardware contains many risks including leaking, containing heavy metals, foreign materials, and even melting. The cartridge/pod hardware we use is top of the line, and is free of any heavy metals or impurities.

Our Hemp CBD Distillate is Third Party Lab tested and is completely free of THC, and legal in all 50 states. The broad-spectrum distillate we use is from organic Non-GMO hemp that is grown on a licensed farm in the United States of America. The hemp biomass is processed and extracted in a licensed facility in Oregon. There is a base Co2 or ethanol extraction done, after the extract is distilled under vacuum to remove any impurities and solvents. The Hemp CBD distillate we use is stable for vapes and is high in minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and CBC. With the broad spectrum formula, we use, our vapes are very effective. There are only two ingredients on all our vapes, and they are Hemp CBD Distillate, and Botanical/Hemp Derived Terpenes. The Hemp and Botanical Terpenes we use are very concentrated, and are lab tested to be free of any impurities. They are carefully reintroduced to our hemp CBD distillate to add effect and taste to the vape pods and cartridges.

Humboldt’s Cabinet does not use any Cuts, Diluents, liquefiers, “flavorless terpenes”, VG, PG, PEG, MCT, C8 Caprylic Acid, Vitamin E, or any other product BESIDES Hemp CBD Distillate, and Botanical/Hemp Terpenes. We do not have crystallization in our vape formulations because of our stable distillate that is high in minor cannabinoids. Humboldt’s Cabinet goes above and beyond the industry standard to offer the best CBD products available. Our vape products are a reflection of thorough testing and research, as they are unmatched in quality by other brands in the CBD industry.

We have customers that use our products for many different reasons. One of our customers unfortunately has Parkinson’s Disease, but finds relief in the use of Humboldt’s Cabinet CBD Vapes. Other customers we have, say they use it for anxiety, to help sleep, pain, arthritis, and other reasons as well. At Humboldt’s Cabinet, we are not here to make unnecessary health claims, or over market CBD as a cure all. Our customers feedback is enough for us to know CBD helps people in many ways. We are simply here to bring high quality products to people wanting to try CBD or people needing CBD from a safe and consistent source.

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