Hemp CBD for Dogs - Yes or No? What You Need to Know

High-quality, American made, hemp-derived CBD products continue to have a beneficial impact on the lives of people who are looking to optimize their own health and wellness so it only makes sense that it can have similar effects on our furry friends, our dogs!

As in our own human bodies, dogs possess an endocannabinoid system (ECS) uniquely evolved to process cannabinoids like CBD into the useful compound we now know it to be.

Picture a key fitting perfectly into a lock.

As with us humans, and other mammals, dogs’ bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids which the ECS uses to provide balance to many of a dog’s daily functions – from appetite to attitude.

By supplementing the ECS with plant-based phytocannabinoids like CBD, many ailments can be avoided, delayed, or eliminated both in people and in dogs.

There is a booming marketplace for CBD-centric Canine Wellness but there are still a few basics that you ought to know before dosing your doggo!


We now know that a dog’s endocannabinoid system actually has more receptors than our own!

For this reason, and just a difference in anatomy in general, your dog does not need a heroic dose of CBD in order to benefit from its therapeutic potential.

Their hyper-sensitive ECS is also the reason why hemp-derived CBD is the best cannabinoid for your pet. THC, as you know, is psychoactive and is notorious for producing the high that some people love, and some people don’t.

Well, no dogs love that feeling - at all - so it is best to ensure that the dose of cannabinoids that you are giving them has the lowest amount of THC possible.

By law, hemp-derived CBD products made and sold in the U.S. cannot exceed 0.3% THC so this makes such options even more ideal for dogs!

One other thing to consider is the effect that terpenes can have on wellness.

The “full spectrum” of hemp-based healing includes not only cannabinoids, but the natural plant terpenes that give each bud its unique flavor and aroma.

An estimated 1 in 200 dogs suffers from seizures.

Dogs, of course, have great sniffers and terpene therapy has been shown to help in many cases of canine epilepsy. The anti-seizure properties of plant-derived terpenes are boosted when combined with an ideal dose of CBD.


As with humans, dosing CBD for dogs will vary from animal to animal.

So many variables come into play from the breed, size, age, diet, and health condition of the dog to the quality, consistency, and availability of the CBD that they are being treated with.

For this reason, there are really two rules:

  1. Know your source
  2. Start low and slow

Knowing your source in this case comes down to doing some research to find a brand with deep roots in the cannabinoid market. Ideally a U.S. or domestically based brand that has been around a while and has weathered the storms of ever-changing laws, so you know their foundation is strong.

Consistency is the key here.

Consistency in the quality of the product and consistency in its availability to you and your dog.

There needs to be a level of trust there so finding a grassroots company like Humboldt’s Cabinet is a major relief for many CBD seekers.

Second, as with humans, you can always give your dog more CBD, but you can never take back what you already gave them. So, start low and slow, offering perhaps half of the minimal suggested dose for your dog’s first experience with CBD.

If they tolerate it, double it the next day or night and observe their behavior.

Heightened drowsiness, dry mouth, and appetite are normal side effects, as is a stimulated appetite. So, make sure they have access to plenty of water and enough food… and a comfortable place to rest!


Like we said, feeding your dog the average CBD edible is probably not conducive to providing them with a healthy diet. Especially in pets whose health is already compromised, you only want to be feeding them beneficial meals.

There are a handful of brands crafting CBD-infused dog treats with this in mind but sometimes you may need to take matters into your own hands.

Hemp-derived CBD tinctures, like the best-sellers here at Humboldt’s Cabinet, allow you to precisely apply the ideal dose of CBD to whatever food your dog is already enjoying and benefitting from.

Either treats or full meals can be boosted with a few drops of high-CBD hemp tincture.

Aside from seizures, dog-friendly hemp CBD has been shown to help our furry friends cope with other maladies like nausea, anxiety, pain relief and more on a list of potential uses that just keeps growing.

Now, be a good boy or a good girl and have a hemp CBD sesh with your dog. They deserve it!


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